College Days Registration Instructions

From New Mexico Education Council



Complete Registration Form and submit to Mike Kloeppel, NMEC Treasurer. Indicate whether you are a member or non-member.


Submit registration with appropriate fees. Registration Deadline: September 4, 2010

Members/Associate members

Submit membership form with dues by September 4th. Please indicate on the registration form which fairs you will be attending. (If nothing is indicated, we will assume you are attending all fairs.)

All Reps

RSVP to the school programs that you will be attending. Appropriate contact information can be found on the College Days schedule. PLEASE TRY NOT TO CALL THE CONTACTS!!! Please email, fax or mail the host school with the confirmation form or your own correspondence. Let the host school know that you are registered with NMEC!

Read and sign the Guidelines for Participation. Keep bottom copy and return original to Theresa Acker, NMEC Travel Chairperson. (This form is also used to update our mailing list so please be sure to submit!) Please supply a copy to any other reps from your institution who may be attending. Guidelines will be strictly enforced!

Because college days, like life, is never certain, please remember to check our website throughout the fall for any changes to the schedule or for any additional information!

Thank you for your participation in New Mexico College Days!